Legislative Issues


Minnesota is rated as one of the best quality-of-life states.  But we still face many challenges. Here are Bonnie’s top legislative priorities.



I want to hold up “the Minnesota Model” of healthcare delivery as a way to make our healthcare systems more cost-effective by rewarding health care providers for outcomes rather than paying them for the number of services they provide. It is also time that we ensure access to healthcare for all Minnesotans. As your State Senator, I will:

  • Support universal, affordable healthcare for all Minnesotans.
  • Promote policies that reward healthcare providers for outcomes rather than more expensive fee-per-service healthcare delivery.
  • Ensure that there is true parity in mental health coverage.
  • Ensure adequate support for the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) and other prevention initiatives.
  • Develop our mental health system to better meet the needs of Minnesotans who have mental illnesses and/or chemical dependency issues.
  • Support every woman’s right to be in control of her own healthcare decisions and her own body, including reproductive health; and oppose any attempt to restrict a woman’s access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion and birth control.



I will work to eliminate the opportunity gap, expand learning opportunities, and ensure that Minnesota continues to have one of the most highly educated workforces in the nation.

  • Increase funding for early childhood and K-12 education.
  • Attract and retain quality teachers.
  • Adopt student loan forgiveness programs to recruit teachers from underrepresented groups.
  • Ensure proper funding for all schools, regardless of their zip code.
  • Invest in professional development for our educators.
  • Work toward a better ratio of students to school counselors and nurses.
  • Implement high quality universal preschool for 4-year-olds and push for more investment in early childhood education.
  • Make higher education more affordable by holding down tuition costs and reducing student debt.


Environment / Climate Collapse

I, along with the large majority of Minnesotans believe that our environment is something to be treasured and protected for generations to come. I believe that it is the right of every Minnesotan to have access to clean air, water, and a healthy community. I will advocate for the following:

  • Legislation to move towards a clean air future by cutting our greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 and net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
  • Initiatives that will ensure that our children and grandchildren have clean water in their lakes, streams, and aquifers.
  • Creating systems to ensure that communities have the tools and support necessary to adapt to the challenges of a changing climate and engage successfully in the decisions that affect them as we transition to a clean, renewable economy. We need to create a climate master plan to provide a roadmap to achieving goals.
  • Investing in green jobs and green energy so we can focus on building up our renewable energy infrastructure, providing good paying, union jobs.
  • Funding EV infrastructure to encourage the transition to EVs, including requirements for minimum EV ready spaces and charging stations for new or remodeled commercial and multi-family structures.
  • Weatherization programs for individuals and commercial properties to improve energy efficiency and lower emissions from buildings.
  • Requiring the state to purchase low carbon steel and cement for building and infrastructure projects.
  • Support sustainable agriculture practices.
  • Push for divestment from fossil fuel companies.
  • Encourage governor to sign onto the multistate memorandium of understanding and commit to transitioning medium and heavy duty vehicles to electric.


Racial / Social Justice

I am fully committed to addressing racial and social justice issues in Minnesota and dismantling the systemic, structural racism that permeates every institution and corner of our society.

We do not need more empty community conversations that do not result in concrete action.

Those of us who occupy spaces of privilege need to do a deep examination of our participation in these systems and structures of racism, and how our own individual beliefs, conscious and unconscious, contribute to upholding those systems. Then we need to begin the personal and communal work of dismantling those systems. In practical terms, racial and social justice work includes ensuring a world-class education for every child; universal, affordable access to healthcare; living wage jobs and affordable housing.


Gun Violence Prevention

Gun injuries and deaths are a public health crisis in our country. Yet we have had no success in Minnesota passing gun violence prevention measures that have broad public support and that have been shown to reduce gun deaths. I strongly support passage of expanded background checks on gun sales in Minnesota and Red Flag legislation. I will co-author and pass these bills my first year in office.


Job creation and the economy

I will help develop an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few. I will:

  • Keep Minnesota a competitive place to do business, for small, family-owned businesses and large companies alike.
  • Create more opportunities for low-income Minnesotans to fully engage in the economy.
  • Help and encourage employers to recruit, attract, train and retain a more diverse workforce.
  • Support paid family and medical leave and earned safe and sick time.
  • Confront the challenge of racial and economic disparities.
  • Invest in the infrastructure of our colleges and universities, which are facing facility needs, such as repairing leaking roofs and cracked walls.
  • Invest in the maintenance of our economic infrastructure, including bonding investments that create good-paying jobs and increase private investment opportunities.
  • Improve incomes for all Minnesotans so that everyone has the opportunity to earn a good living, support their family, and retire securely.
  • Invest in minority-owned businesses and small businesses.


Public Safety

I support making public safety reforms that work for everyone, including communities and local police, holding police accountable to the communities they serve, and improving training for officers so all of our families are safe. Some reforms I support are:

  • Rep. Cedric Frazier’s bill, HF2724, that provides a comprehensive, innovative approach to both crime prevention and police training/accountability, as well as investment in community violence prevention organizations.
  • Addressing root causes of crime, including poverty, addiction and mental health issues.
  • Providing support professionals, such as social workers and addiction counselors, to assist law enforcement.
  • Support intervention and diversion programs for those on probation to prevent recidivism.

I understand the importance of public safety, and am prepared to confront the issues to make Minnesota a safer place for everyone, no matter where they live or what they look like.



I will work to fund a comprehensive transportation package, including a long-term plan for repairing and maintaining our transportation infrastructure, which will lift more Minnesotans out of poverty, expand transit service in rural communities, and help narrow racial disparities. I will support:

  • Efficient, affordable, and accessible transportation.
  • Rapid transit lines across the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, that will help put 500,000 more Minnesotans within a 30-minute commute of jobs.
  • Work to adopt a dedicated funding mechanism to provide secure, reliable funding for transportation.