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I want to put my professional experience to work for the people in my district and all across Minnesota.  There’s so much to do to enhance health care delivery, support our public schools, increase public safely and improve infrastructure.  #BackBonnie #TurnSD34Blue.

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“I am pleased to recommend Bonnie Westlin to the voters of Senate District 34. I have known Bonnie for many years. She is smart, thoughtful, persistent  and dedicated to public service. She is a great and responsive listener and will bring the concerns of SD 34 to the State Senate with knowledge and passion.” Senator Ann Rest

I am pleased to endorse Bonnie Westlin for State Senate in Senate District 34. Bonnie will work hard to serve the interests of the people in her district, which includes addressing our healthcare crisis, fully funding our public education system, enacting common sense gun violence prevention measures and taking action to stem the climate collapse. As a family law attorney and mediator, Bonnie is a skilled negotiator who will build bridges rather than fences. I could not agree more with Bonnie when she says “I believe that there is more that connects us than divides us. But we need leaders who are focused on our common values and beliefs rather than fueling divisive and corrosive politics.”
Congressman Dean Phillips (CD3)

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