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Westlin Files

On May 17, 2016, Bonnie Westlin filed an Affidavit of Candidacy for the Minnesota Senate in the 2016 election, contesting the seat currently held by Sen. Warren Limmer (R-Maple Grove). Westlin’s background as a long-time family lawyer and community leader makes her a clear choice to represent the district.

“I work with families every day, and know that the economy needs to work for everybody, especially the middle class,” said Westlin. “Our greatest resources will always be the citizens of our state. We are stronger than much of the country because we invest in and support each other.”

Minnesota’s workplaces need to work for our families. As the state rapidly approaches a workforce shortage, businesses and workplaces will need to adapt. As a mother of two and a small business owner, Westlin supports policies that help our employers educate, recruit, attract, and retain the workforce we need to fill these jobs so our economy can continue to thrive. This includes a sensible paid family leave policy that works for both businesses and families.

Providing all Minnesota students with access to a great education will ensure our workforce is prepared for better jobs, make our state a place of innovation, while building an economy that increases opportunity for all Minnesotans later in life. Westlin continued, “We have a responsibility to improve incomes for all Minnesotans, so everyone has the opportunity to earn a good living, support their family, and retire securely.”

“The opportunity to succeed in life is built on education, and I am committed to investing in students from early childhood through college. I support increasing funding for our children's education so that ALL of Minnesota's students are prepared to out-innovate the competition and succeed in a modern economy.”

Minnesota students should be able to work hard and earn an advanced degree without graduating with a mountain of student debt. We must address the issue of restructuring or alleviating the burden of debt thrust onto graduating college students today. This debt is hampering economic growth and the state has an obligation to deal with this issue. Access to a great education will ensure our workforce is prepared for better jobs, make our state a place of innovation, and build an economy that increases opportunity for all Minnesotans. In order to accomplish that, we cannot impair students with a mountain of debt.

Westlin, a Minnesota native and graduate of Hamline University (B.A./J.D.), has lived in Maple Grove since 2004, the same year she established her solo family law and mediation practice. She is a member of Shir Tikvah synagogue, where she sits on the Board of Trustees and chairs the Caring Community committee.

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